How much taste can be hidden behind a cheese?

With 40 years of cheesemaking experience,
Vassilitsa knows the answer.


Having as a starting point the village of Vasilitsa in the region of Pindos the company Vassilitsa - G. & A. NOUSIAS G.P., located in Nea Lefki of Larissa, started as a family company and was developed to a modern production unit of dairy products, which soon was established in the local region of Thessaly and other places. The year 1967 was a milestone for the company's history with the first export of feta cheese to the West Germany, under the name Vassilitsa; leading the way for other companies to follow.

The constant quantitative and qualitative controls in all the stages of production certify the high quality of products. The 21st century finds Vassilitsa - G. & A. NOUSIAS G.P. to respond to the new demands, consolidating its place in the Greek market and searching for new markets not only in the area of Europe but also in other parts of the world.


The philosophy of the small cheese-dairy family-run business, which, as the time was passing by, evolved to a high-end dairy industry, comprises first of all, the quality of the products in order to satisfy the customers' demands. The continuous personnel training according to the new demands of technology and the machinery upgrade, together with the environmental sensitization of the personnel create an ideal working environment and establish the conditions of the sustainable development.


Our company produces Feta (P.D.O.) και άλλα προϊόντα με τον and other products
with the traditional method, according to the national standard specifications
and the Greek and European legislation.
The company “Georgios and Apostolos Nousias G.P.” produces dairy products in its factory in Nea Lefki of Larissa. The company produces Feta cheese (Protected Designation of Origin) and other products with the traditional method, according to the national standard specifications and the Greek and European legislation.
In order to achieve the complete satisfaction of both the local and the international customers, the company is based on the long-lasting relationships it has created with the local stock-farmers/ suppliers of goat and sheep milk, the experience of its personnel and the constant application of the cheese-making methods, which are part of the company’s know-how.
The company has created and equipped a modern laboratory for chemical and microbiological controls, under the surveillance of the Quality Assurance Manager. In order to comply with the abovementioned standards, the company applies a Quality Management System, according to the standardization document ELOT EN ISO 9001:2008 and a Health and Security Management System (HACCP) of the produced items.
Both the company’s Administration and the personnel have the obligation to try constantly and consciously for:
  • The designation of the objectives in order to constantly improve the abovementioned systems and their close surveillance through the regular reviews.
  • The disposition of the necessary resources for the operation and the effectiveness of the abovementioned systems.
The everyday implementation and the surveillance of the Quality Management System, as well as the HACCP are under the responsibility of the Quality Assurance Manager, who is also competent to determine possible future problems and to find the necessary corrective actions. The final responsibilities regarding the Security and Quality Policy application by all the members of the personnel and the appropriate operation of the Quality Management System and the HACCP belong to the Administration of the company; while every difficulty in problem solving or every customer’s complaint will be under its responsibility.

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