Feta made from Organic goat milk. Bio feta cheese Vassilitsa is sold in bulk from the container and in plastic sealed packages (Vacuum)

Metallic Containers

ORGANIC FETA cheese in Greece, is usually sold traditionally in bulk from the container. Thus, the consumer can choose the quantity he wants. Organic Feta cheese Vassilitsa container dimensions is 15 kg.

Sealed Packages (Vacuum)

The plastic sealed package Vacuum is the first try of Organic Feta cheese standardization procedure in small quantities in the area of dairy industry. With the standaridized trade name on the package the consumer is sure for the product he chose. Organic Feta cheese Vassilitsa sealed packages sizes are 400 g and 200 g.

Plastic Container in Brine

Organic Feta cheese Vassilitsa is available in the handy plastic package which preserves cheese in its brine, keeping it fresh for more time than usually. Organic Feta Vassilitsa in the handy plastic package with brine is available in the container's size of 1 kg.

Nutrition declaration per 100g.

Energy 1165J/279kcal
Fat 23,5g of which saturated fatty acids are 13,5g
Carbohydrates 1,5g
Protein 16,5g
Salt 2,4g

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