Organic manouri cheese is a traditional Greek cheese, dated from ancient years. It is a soft cheese made from the organic drained whey and it is mainly produced in the Central and West Macedonia, Thessaly and Crete. It is well known for its sweet and mild taste and flavour while the National Dairy Committee of Greece characterized it “the most exceptional traditional Greek cheese made from drained whey”.

The traditional organic manouri cheese Vassilitsa is produced by sheep and goat organic milk adding whole sheep and goat organic milk or cream of sheep and goat milk. Since 1996 the production technique of manouri cheese has been certified and manouri cheese has been a product of Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O), complying with the specifications 313028/ 11-01-1994 issued on the Greek Government Gazette 8/11-01-94. It is available in a sealed package (Vacuum) of 2 kg.

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